Friday, 9 May 2014

My word of the week - seven

This week's word of the week had to be seven, after all I am seven weeks pregnant with my seventh baby so how could it not be?!

This past week has gone well for me.  I've been sleeping so heavily and finding it such a struggle to wake up in the mornings but to be honest that's not much different to usual.

My baby has grown from being the size of a poppy seed three weeks ago, to now being the size of a blueberry.  Percentage wise, this little baby has grown at an extraordinary rate.

I seem to be craving cheese and I'm actually preferring cheddar to brie which is most unusual.  Lots of pregnant women think they can't eat soft cheeses but it's actually whether it's pasteurised or not that's important.  Most brie in supermarkets is pasteurised so it's fine to eat, however, some hard cheeses are not pasteurised, such as some parmesan which should be avoided, it's always best to check the labels.

Along with my cheese I am enjoying lashings of butter, real organic salty butter.  Somehow, despite this very fatty diet, I've actually lost about half a stone but this is usually what happens to me in the first trimester.  All this cheese makes me feel even more sure that I'm having a boy.  I usually crave more sweet stuff with girls and cheese with boys.

I'm also craving sparkling water, which again, I have only ever craved with boys.  If this baby turns out to be a girl I will be astounded.

I'm one of the lucky few that doesn't suffer with morning sickness and never have, I feel very sorry for those that do.  I do get weird about raw meat and fish though, that just turns my stomach during pregnancy.

Even though I don't have a bump that shows yet, I am finding my usual clothes uncomfortable and enjoy getting my pyjamas on as early in the evening as possible.  I think I'll be breaking into my bag of maternity clothes very shortly, I just need to be comfortable.
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