Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Pregnancy diary - 24 Weeks - Baby No.7 plus a fantastic *GIVEAWAY*

Well here I am at 24 weeks already!  I'm feeling comfortable and well, happy and content.  It's not just my bump and the love for my baby that's growing by the day but also my bottom!  Eat your heart out Kim Kardashian and J Lo!  I know most women expect to be purchasing bigger bras during pregnancy but who knew you might go up a knickers size as well?!

The main reason I started both blogging and vlogging was because I thought it would be so fantastic to keep a record of my family growing up, it's something my children will be able to look back on too.  When my children reach the age when they themselves will be having babies they can look at my blogs and vlogs and see where we are similar and also how we differ.

Another reason for my blogging and vlogging is to be able to share my experiences with others, to let people see how a big family lives.  I also like to  share things that perhaps others are not comfortable talking about, just to reassure people with similar issues that they're not on their own.  On numerous occassions I have spoken about bleeding during pregnancy, multiple miscarriages, talipes and so on, I know I'm not the only one and I know I've brought some comfort to people going through these difficult times.

Of course it's so great to be able to share all the positive things in my life too.  I've been sharing my pregnancies, my children's development, our home schooling journey and lots, lots more.  Now I am so pleased to be able to offer my lovely readers a beautiful journal so you can record all the details about your pregnancy.  This Bump to Birthday will truly make a wonderful keepsake, something to treasure.

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning a Bump to Birthday journal then simply enter below.

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Here is my regular pregnancy vlog:

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Baby girl wishlist

Today I am 23 weeks pregnant and I still haven't bought a single item for my baby girl.  I know lots of other women who are also around halfway through their pregnancies that have bought tons and tons of stuff so I've been feeling a bit left out and thought I would share with you my wish list.

Of course many items I already have from previous babies but I no longer have any baby girl things because my last daughter was born over eight years ago and in that time we've moved so I threw a lot of things out thinking I probably wouldn't need them any more.  Oh how wrong I was!

I still have a cot, Henry still sleeps in it but he will move up to a cot bed when the new baby needs the cot, we already have the cot bed too.  I have a Moses basket and a few cloth nappies but I think that's about it really.  Oh I do also still have Henry's old pushchair but that's been used for a few babies now and I have literally pushed that thing for thousands of miles (yes really) so I would love to have a brand new girlie pushchair/pram.  I do have a lovely red sling that I will continue to use.

So here goes....

Silver Cross Surf 2
This travel system doesn't come cheap but having a baby girl after so many years I think this in the raspberry colour would be a lovely girlie change!  However, I am still a bit unsure about this one, a bit worried I might think it's too garish after a while.

Kub Haywood Glider Nursing Chair and Footstool
I've never had anything like this in all my 16 years of motherhood, it's something I've always dreamed of and if it's as comfortable as it looks then it will certainly be worth buying especially as I plan to nurse my baby for at least a year.

Bumble Bee Peaceful Sleeper
These baby sleeping bags are wonderful, gone are the days when babies would kick off their covers and get their legs stuck between the bars of the cot!  This sleeping bag is so feminine with its delicately hand embroidered gold bees on.

Sophie La Girafe Baby Skincare Starter Kit

This is a gorgeous little starter kit containing face cream, body lotion, baby oil and hand & body wash.  All these products are organic and who couldn't love Sophie La Giraffe anything?!!

Well I have to admit that I'm not as young as I once was and I feel I need to have a changing bag that is sophisticated.  You can get away with a lot of cheap but fun looking stuff when you're younger but I think when you're older you're wise to be a bit more discerning. This Storksak changing bag is pricey but grown up, well made out of good quality leather.

This just looks like a lovely, simple but well made bodysuit for a baby girl.  I don't want my daughter to be dressed in too much pink stuff, I much prefer these mostly white pieces.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Pregnancy Diary - 22 weeks - Baby 7

As usual life for me has been stupidly busy so sadly I am almost a week late with this pregnancy update.  I made my usual weekly vlog which you can see here:


It's wonderful to be well and truly over the half way mark, as much as I enjoy being pregnant I am so looking forward to meeting my new baby daughter.  It's strange to think that I probably won't get to meet her until after Christmas, that seems so far off in the distant future but I know really that time will be here in a flash.

I am feeling well, I'm still relatively small and therefore feel pretty comfortable.  I have only put on 10 lbs which is quite normal for me at this stage.  I still don't have any heartburn, hip pains or any other complaints.

I can feel my baby kicking me reasonable strongly now which I absolutely love.  I know I've been pregnant many times but I never take it for granted.  I treat each pregnancy as if it might be my last and I treasure every single second of it.

I am really enjoying working on my YouTube channel and I love watching other peoples videos, I noticed lots of people have been uploading videos of their grocery hauls.  Well with me being such an over sharer, I simply had to have a go!  So if you'd like to see my typical weekly shop for my family of eight then please feel free:

Hopefully I won't leave my updates so long in future x

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Setting up shop

I've been feeling really well but really tired but I would be tired whether I was pregnant or not, it's just due to being so busy.  From 8 am until 10 pm I am constantly working as well as taking care of my six children.  For a long time now it's been a dream of mine to set up my own shop selling all the bits and pieces I enjoy making: sewing, knitting and crocheting.

Lately I've mainly been making lots of baby clothes, it's taken me a lot longer than it should have because each time I go to make something I find I'm missing something, of course having six children to look after and no car means I can't just pop to the shop to pick up the thing I'm lacking.  Instead I usually have to order online and then of course wait a few days for the item to arrive.  Praise the Lord for Amazon Prime!!

Then, just when I think I have everything ready, my crappy, second hand, thirty year old sewing machine decides to start playing up.  I decided I could either give up on my dream or speculate to accumulate.  Well, as you can imagine with me not being a quitter, I decided to invest in a brand spanking new sewing machine for the first time in my life.  Oh and what an investment it has been!  A total luxury and a complete joy to use.

I bought a digital Janome sewing machine that can also do a bit of embroidery too.  I decided to test out a few of the designs on some of our old linen napkins.  I'm really pleased with the results and impressed that I could use the machine to embroider our names on too.

It's been such fun to choose beautiful cotton fabrics, sumptuous cashmere yarns and top quality equipment to work with.  I've always enjoyed making things and this pregnancy has been making me feel even more creative than ever so although I'm totally shattered by 10 pm every evening, I've been really enjoying myself and I know a good night's sleep is guaranteed each and every night!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Pregnancy diary - 20 weeks Baby 7

This week I went for my scan.  It was such a beautifully clear scan, everything was thoroughly checked and the sonographer was such a lovely woman that I felt like I'd known her all my life.  We found out that the baby is measuring a little bigger than my dates.  I had already been told this at my 12 week dating scan but just kind of ignored it but this second scan definitely confirmed that I'm almost a week ahead than I thought I was.

Now I have a due date of 17.12.2014, this means I'll definitely be having a baby in 2014.  The children keep speculating as to whether the baby will be born on Christmas day, my birthday - the 14th, boxing day, Christmas eve, New Year's eve... Who knows?  We'll have to wait and see!

Of course all the children were interested in about the scan was finding out the gender of their new sibling.  If you want to share our journey then please watch my video below.  Also included in this video is me asking the children what they want the gender of the baby to be and what they think the gender of the baby will be.  Then when I come back from the hospital I videoed the reaction the children had to discovering the gender of the baby.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Pregnancy diary: Week 19 - Baby 7

This week I went to see the consultant, I am classed as high risk because I've had a baby born at thirty weeks, a bad haemorrhage when I miscarried, and because this is my seventh baby.  I was really disappointed with my appointment, firstly she was an hour late and offered no apology so not a good start, secondly she wouldn't really answer any of my questions, thirdly she was not willing to compromise and lastly she couldn't be bothered to explain herself.

Last time when I was pregnant with my sixth baby I saw a different consultant who was friendly and listened to what I wanted.  I wanted to have a home birth.  He explained the risks involved and said they don't really like women who've had more than four babies to home birth but as he could see I was fit and healthy he left the decision up to me.  In the end, with my sixth baby, I had my second home birth without any complications and without any pain relief, I had less bleeding than with any of my previous babies.

This time however the consultant wouldn't consider the possibility of me home birthing, I asked if I could use the birth centre which has a much more relaxed atmosphere than the delivery suite but she said no.  She said my only choice was, when I go into labour, to go to the delivery suite, be hooked up to an IV, have an injection to get the placenta out quickly, and then be on a drip for at least four hours after the baby is born.  To me this is all horrifying and makes me feel like a piece of meat on a production line.

Of course I realise that this is not my only choice.  I know it's the only choice I have if I want to have a midwife present but I also know that I can go it alone.  My only problem is that I will worry and panic that something will go wrong as a result of me not heeding medical advice.  I'm a fit and healthy woman, having a perfectly healthy pregnancy, I really don't think there is any need for me to be treated like a catastrophe waiting to happen.

There aren't even any clear statistics that show a PPH is more likely the more babies you have.  From the statistics I have seen you are more likely to have a PPH if you:

  • are overweight 
  • are induced
  • are having a caesarean
  • have had a previous caesarean
  • are suffering from pre-eclampsia
I have not had any of the above apart from being induced 16 years ago.

I know many women who have had seven or more babies and have continued to have home births.  I don't know why in England, if you've had more than four babies you're treated like a freak when all you're really doing is exactly what nature has intended.  Is it really right to be treated in such a way?  It certainly doesn't feel right.

With my labours usually lasting about an hour and with us having the small problem of not having any transport, will I actually be able to make it to the hospital in time anyway?  Perhaps all this worrying is unnecessary and all these decisions will be taken out of my hands.

Anyway, changing the subject completely...
This week I have my twenty week scan and we are all really excited to be finding out the gender of our baby.  Right from when I very first found out I was pregnant I was convinced I was having a boy and still am so it will be interesting to see if I'm right!

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Pregnancy diary: 18 weeks, baby 7

This pregnancy is going very well and I'm feeling so great, the weeks are now flying by as I'm keeping myself really busy.

I've uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel, Life of Mummy.  Thank you so much to everyone who's subscribed to my channel and has liked my videos.  Feel free to take a look at an update of my pregnancy over the past two weeks.