Monday, 17 March 2014

Art with magazines

My girls love to make a mess and home schooling them means sometimes I have to let there be messy times.

Art session

For today's art session I gave the girls lots of old magazines I found from various places around our house when I was doing a bit of a sort out.  The girls thought this was great and started cutting up the magazines and arranging the pieces into collages, they also created their own magazine from lots of different pieces.

They sat around the table with their chocolate milk, magazines, scissors and glue sticks, I could hear them chortling with laughter for a good hour.  I think they're so lucky to have each other so close in age, they're the best of friends.

The girls seemed to enjoy having a break from maths, I am relentless with the maths lessons!  It's good to not take life so seriously all the time.

I feel so privileged being able to home educate my children.  Whenever people hear that I home educate and/or that I have lots of children, they always so things like; 'You're brave!' or 'You must be mad!' but it's not mad, I feel it's the best possible thing I could have done with my life.  Yes it's hard work but it's also the greatest fun and I never want it to end.

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