Thursday, 3 October 2013

Childhood is so very short which is why it is precious

At last Samantha has stopped counting down the days until her birthday, finally she is nine years old.  She really enjoyed her special day and couldn't keep a beaming smile off her face.

Of course no birthday in our house would be complete without a few tantrums from the younger ones, I think they just get over excited and can't cope with all their excess energy.  I pretty much just ignore it and they soon get over it, by lunch time everyone was back to normal, whatever normal is!

Samantha received lots of art and craft presents and has since been getting up at the crack of dawn to produce many wonderful creations.

Samantha's main present was a pair of roller blades so now all three girls have a pair and spend many hours skating about after their lessons.

I do love seeing my children grow older, I just wish they didn't have to do it quite as quick.  I'm pleased I have plenty of children to enjoy life with and hopefully in the future I'll have lots of grandchildren whose lives I can be a part of too.

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