Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Baby Steps

My gorgeous baby boy, who's now almost fourteen months old, has just taken his first couple of steps.  I find it amazing that when Henry does take a couple of steps he isn't phased by his sisters literally screaming and shouting 'Look, look!  Henry's walking!'  He laps up the attention and grins like a maniac.
I almost feel sad that I will no longer be able to call Henry a baby but I actually love this stage where a baby is transitioning to toddler-hood, it seems that all of a sudden their personality starts rapidly bursting into bloom.
Henry is trying to talk all the time and I am totally smitten with his cute little voice.  His favourite word is definitely 'Daddy', when Ashley goes out Henry will sit by the door calling 'Daddy' and when we go out for walks he'll call for daddy too.
Henry is close to each member of his family and I'm sure he must have more cuddles than anyone else on the entire planet!

Playing with cars is one of Henry's favourite pastimes and I absolutely adore the car noises he makes.  Despite being so ridiculously mollycoddled, Henry is a very masculine boy, he's surrounded by 'boys' toys and 'girls' toys but he always opts to play with the 'boys' toys.  He also loves a wrestle with his dad and big brothers.
One of the things I love about having an almost fourteen month old baby is how much better bedtimes are.  Henry has been the most difficult baby at night time and I hardly had any sleep for ten or eleven months but now, oh how things have changed.  Every night at exactly six o'clock (I do like routine) Henry is washed, pyjama-ed and ready for bed, I pick him up and we do our usual routine of walking round the house saying 'Night, night' to everyone, Henry really enjoys this and always has a massive grin for everyone as he receives his kisses and cuddles.  Then I put him in his cot, give him a kiss, he waves me goodnight and goes straight to sleep.  Utterly perfect!

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