Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A Beautiful English October

This October’s been lovely so far, it’s been too warm for a coat but the leaves are still changing colour and falling.  In the garden I’m still picking ripe tomatoes every day, the chillies are still ripening and so are the grapes.  The nights are drawing in which makes me feel cosy and has
encouraged me to get my knitting out in the evenings.
I take the children out for a walk every day, I feel it’s really important for them to get some fresh air and let off steam.  Personally, I can’t stand being cooped up all day so every day I go out with my little entourage of five and we appreciate the changing seasons, I think one of the best things about England is how different each season is.

It’s great that we haven’t felt the need to turn the heating on yet although I am missing my morning routine of hanging the washing out on the line, which was something I strangely enjoyed.  Now it’s just a case of using the tumble dryer and when I have to do about two loads a day then it becomes quite costly.

Moving into this new season, we are now eating more homely meals like shepherd’s pie, stew and dumplings, chicken pie, and curry, but then again I always fancy curry.

The children are starting to make plans for our usual Halloween party.  I think it’s the gory food they look forward to the most, like my witches’ hair soup, witches’ fingers and eyeball jelly!  It's good that we always have something to look forward to.  What are you looking forward to this month?

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